The Artist: Daniel Hibbert

American, b. 1986

Brooklyn-based artist  Daniel Hibbert  was born into a musical family in Lansing, MI and it is exactly these musical roots that drive his painting process today.  In a synesthetic moment of inspiration the artist translates the rich rhythms, harmonies, moods and lyrics of songs that profoundly move him into vivid visual expressions, playful montages of line, color and imagery.

Originally trained as an engineer, this mathematical mind manifests itself in the unconventional use of space, reminiscent of cubism, found in the artist’s works.  Deemed by some as an “urban cubist”, Hibbert also draws inspiration from Pop Art, Neo-Expressionism, graffiti as well as hip-hop, jazz, rock, and funk music.  His works include a variety of media but are primarily done in acrylic and spray paint on canvas.

Hibbert’s works are more than simple paintings and have a living experiential element to them:  as he creates, the artist often records the full process on a camera and later uses the footage to create a time-lapse video of his painting to the song of inspiration.  By way of QR Code embedded in his works the viewer is invited to look in on his creative process and listen to the music that gave birth to each work. This innovative method of recording and sharing the entire act of painting rather than only exhibiting the results underscores the artist’s belief that, like music, art should be experienced and not just observed.

Hibbert earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee State University and has a background in Finance and Operations but art is his true life passion, a way to break away from the boundaries and limitations of everyday life.  He has only recently forged a promising art career but has already participated in live shows in New York and has works in private collections in Hong Kong, China and Chicago, IL, Washington D.C., Nashville, TN and New Jersey.